Saturday, August 30, 2008

Strawberry Mousse Cake

This is truly a lesson learnt on strawberries. It started with my intent on making a Strawberry Shortcake. I went to Costco and saw gorgeous fresh strawberries at a VERY reasonable price. My eyes opened wide and my heart beat a little faster... I went ahead and picked the best box I could find and bought it. I wanted to keep it for a long time and so I put it in the freezer. *gasp*

Yes... I know... it was a TOTAL mistake. It turns out that whenever you freeze strawberries, the texture of the fruit changes and it became mushy when thawed. My heart broke a little that night when I realized what I had just done to my strawberries. In an effort to salvage whatever is left of my strawberries, I made a Strawberry Mousse Cake.
Just so you know, at the same time I bought XL package of strawberries, I bought XL packages of blueberries and raspberries too at Costco. And yes, I messed up BIG time on those too. I have put some of those berries at the bottom of this cake as a "surprise" element to the cake. It turns out that the raspberries were sour. *_*
I brought this along with Donna's birthday and overall, they liked the mousse but not the sour raspberries. I learned my lesson alright. :0
Anyways, this cake was made of a layer of sponge cake brushed with raspberry flavored simple syrup, strawberries mousse, and a layer of strawberry juice. I think on this one I didn't put quite enough gelatin and so the mousse was more on the softer side. I had used 1 packet for 2 cups of strawberry puree. I think it's better to use 2 packets next time. The white chocolate wrap really compliments the strawberry mousse (at least that's what I thought). :p

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