Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chiffon Cake Madness

My mom has this super wonderful chiffon cake recipe and she passed it on to me. I have made this cake a lot of times and everytime it is a delight watching the faces of my friends who ate the cakes. The cake has a very light, spongy texture and it's also very moist.

I've tried variations of the cake: orange chiffon, pandan chiffon, and indo-style cheese chiffon.


  1. wow! all your chiffon looks so fine and tall!

  2. boleh minta resep pandan chiffon cake nya engak?

  3. Sukkimi - Thanks!

    Melinda - I posted the recipe on a later entry in March (Cheese Chiffon is Back!). Hope you enjoyed it!

  4. thanks banget loh,akan aku coba.
    ngomong2 bolu kukus kamu cantik sekali.

  5. Salam kenal... this is my first time reading yr blog and I must say that I am inspired by your love for God and your positive energy. I currently live in Houston... ah, it's too bad that we didn't get a chance to meet before. Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck in yr new life back in Indo/Spore?


  6. Hi Yuni,

    Thanks for the support and encouragement yah hehehe I'm living in Indo right now hehe so whenever you come by, let me know :)