Thursday, February 11, 2010

Apple Tart

This has been the longest absence I've ever taken in my blogging history. :p I must admit that I have only started blogging a couple of years ago, but I've been pretty constant in providing new entries and updates on my kitchen experiments.

Since my move to Indonesia, I haven't been baking as much. The kitchen is different (I don't know where things are stored), the oven is different ( we only have gas oven and the temperature can't be set), the ingredients are different (not many options are available - even raspberries are hard to find), and the circumstances are different (I'm no longer in my own place, but I'm at my parent's house).

I know... I know.. those are all excuses. :p Despite the many changes I encountered here, I managed to bake a little bit here and there. I took pictures of some of them but the slow internet connection here makes it challenging to post them up on my blog entry. However, I managed to pull it through and here I am sharing them with you. :)

Apple tart for the family :)

One for each of my family members, with much love!

I really want to thank each one of you who are still faithfully checking up onmy blog updates. You guys really motivate me to continue with my passion despite the despites. I hope to upload more for you all. :)