Saturday, May 1, 2010

Got Cup-bread?

I'm now a married woman with a wonderful husband. :)

The wedding was beautiful and despite my efforts to not cry, the tears just flowed down on my face (see more pictures taken by my wonderful friends, the wagyu story, at their blog). I'm very thankful to God for allowing all things to happen; to my parents who love me dearly and gave their best for me; to my loving husband who has been very patient and caring towards me; and to my family and friends who made the day so unforgettable.

Alvin and I are now back from our honeymoon to North California and we are settling into our cozy home in Jakarta. Today is actually day 2 of being back home and I celebrated the day with baking! :)

I made these breads in cupcake liners for fun and they turn out rather cute :p I feel welcomed and at ease in my new home as I made these cup-breads. I'm still not familiar with the new kitchen and still stumbling around for my kitchen tools (finding out that I'm missing a few VERY important tools), but I really think that this simple baking exercise is a good start to begin my journey here.

I officially start working on Monday and I'm excited. I've been on vacation for far too long :p I do hope that I will keep on baking and creating/exploring new things in my new kitchen alongside my wonderful husband. :)