Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a Boy!

This one is long overdue :p I've had the draft of the blog entry done in August, but it's only now that I have time to finish writing it up and posted it up. For those of you who's been wondering about my being MIA, I apologize for the long absence but I really don't have anything to blame. Working and adjusting as a wife plus the slow Internet connection here in Indo makes it harder for me to update blog often.

Anyways, about the cakes and cupcakes...

This is my first fondant cake order in Indonesia and I am very happy with how it turned out although the process was a little chaotic. The story begins with Quincy asking me if I would be able to make a baby shower cake for her cousin's wife. I was so excited that she asked me and it was such an honor because I don't have much experience with fondant cakes and yet for this special occasion, she gave me a chance to challenge myself. :) Thanks, Quin!

The cake that you see in this blog post is actually the second cake that I made for the event. The first cake "melted" under the hot Jakarta weather before it had a chance to make it to the event. See, I made a blueberry cream cheese cake for this event that requires refrigeration. This is a big NO in Jakarta because of several reasons:

1. Fondant cakes cannot be refrigerated
2. If you think that putting the cake in an air conditioned room will work, it won't - it was my experience with this cake

The cake was supposed to be picked up at 9AM Sunday morning and I discovered the disaster at 9PM Saturday night. So I hurriedly baked another cake and buttercream that doesn't require refrigeration. While waiting for the cake to cool, I rushed to re-make all the fondant decorations. By 2AM, the new cake was done :) Yay!! Praise the Lord!!

The cupcakes were for bonus. I was worried that the buttercream cake won't suit their taste, so I made some cupcakes as complements. Plus, I got addicted making the baby's face :p

I hope that there will be more cake orders coming my way :) And perhaps... I can bake often once more