Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Durian Cream Puff

When I was still in San Jose, Alvin's sister bought me durian cream puffs from a Vietnamese bakery in South San Jose. I really like Durian and the thought of durian cream puffs just makes me smile. I gave it a try and here it is!

The choux is the same one I used in here. I used durian pastry cream for the filling. In making the filling, I discovered that adding fresh durian in the pastry cream require more cornstarch in order to maintain the same texture as the filling I used to make regular cream puff.

I made these for my birthday along with a raspberry mousse cake and a tiramisu cake. I didn't have pictures of them though since I was too busy being in the spotlight that time. :p Just kidding. The truth is, Alvin was holding the camera and he was busy attending to our guests (being a VERY good host) that he forgot to take pictures of the cakes.

Oh well... at least I took pictures of them with my eyes. :)


  1. Yosss... Can you share this recipe pleaseee??? Yum yum yum...

  2. Vicky,

    I don't use a specific recipe for this and I didn't quite measure the amount of cornstarch I used to make the filling.

    When I made these, I had to reheat it a few times and add more cornstarch to it because it wasn't firm enough.

    Sorry... >_<