Friday, August 22, 2008


I've been wanting to make eclairs for a while. So when I saw the recipe on my CIA cookbook, I was excited! I ended up not using the recipe from the book but I followed the tips and advices. One of my favorite tip is to pipe the filling inside by creating an entrance hole in the choux using a chopstick. This way, I don't need to cut the choux in half and the presentation looks a lot neater as well. :)

For the filling, I have used diplomat cream, which is pastry cream mixed with whipped cream. The chocolate glaze I used in this recipe is from the CIA cookbook and it's really chocolate ganache. It's simply a mixture of heavy cream, corn syrup, and chocolates. The awesome thing about this glaze is that it stays shiny even though I refrigerate it.
This is also added to the favorite list by Alvin and some of my friends! ^_^

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