Monday, September 14, 2009

Trio of Mini Cupcakes

Continuing on my weekend baking, I made tons of mini cupcakes! :) A friend from church is having her baby shower on Saturday and I offered to bring some mini cupcakes. She told me that about 40 people will be coming and that I should bring about 40 mini cupcakes. Because I had fallen so in love with my banana cupcakes, I decided to make more of it! Yes, for the 3rd time this weekend I am making the banana/bluenana cupcakes again!

The recipe for the banana cupcakes was so yummy that I decided to play around with it a little more. So from that recipe, I modified it to make raspberry cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes. I think the results was not too bad. :) I feel quite accomplished with my cupcake project. One batch of the cupcakes make about 50 mini cupcakes. So now I have 100 over mini cupcakes at home (I ate a lot of the bluenana mini cupcakes during the process :p) when I only need about 40 for the baby shower. So I brought the remaining cupcakes to Cess' birthday dinner (I'll post the birthday cake I made for her next).

Anyways, back to the baby shower cupcakes. I mixed and matched the flavors on the cupcakes and decided with these three: strawberry with pistachio, bluenana with vanilla, and raspberry with blueberry. :) I think of the three combo, my favorite is still the banana vanilla mini cupcakes. But then again, I have a bias towards bananas. :p

I'm also excited about this simple cupcake design. It's just a little swirl with my big round tip with a little heart-shaped quins on top but it gives the cupcakes a nice touch of fanciness. :p

And my photographer (Alvin) is back on duty this weekend. :) He took all these gorgeous picture of the cupcakes. He's been playing around with manual white balance and I think he's getting better. We still have a lot to learn about this picture taking thingie, but I'm surrendering the task to Alvin. :p

Even after bringing the cupcakes to Cess' birthday dinner, I still have a few leftover cupcakes. As much as I liked them, there's a limit to the amount of cupcakes that I can consume. So I brought the final remainder of the cupcakes to church for the Sunday School children. Last Sunday was my first time being a Sunday School teacher at IFGF Houston and I love it! The children were awesome and fun - it's such a joy to be a part of their growing up. :)

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