Thursday, September 10, 2009

Almost Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today is my last day driving to Galveston for work (at least for now) and I wanted to bring something for my team as a little farewell gift. I left work at 7 last night and went to Alvin's cousin's house for dinner and to play with little Ethan. When I finally get home, it was 11:30 and I knew that I don't have the time to make something fancy. Plus, I ran out of sugar and therefore had to make a midnight trip to H-E-B. And we all know, there's no such thing as a short trip to the grocery store for me. :p

When I went back home, I browsed through my cookbooks looking for easy but yummy goodies. I soon realize that the time I take to browse, I could have used it to bake. :p Then I remembered these NM Chocolate Chip Cookies that my coworkers had mentioned about. I take a quick look at the recipe, then at my kitchen counter - check! I have all the ingredients on hand. :)

When I was baking these cookies, I had an echo going in my head: "Aim to under bake the cookies!" Yes, to get those chewy texture on the cookies, it is very important to under bake the cookies. When I took the cookies out of the oven, the middle part of the cookies are quite mushy. As the cookies cool, they take on more structure.

By the time I get done with these cookies, it was almost 2AM. I quickly took out my camera and snap some pictures. :) I brought this to work today and I'm hoping the team enjoyed it.


  1. mmm...they all look so yummy.
    How did you get your blog title on the photos?

  2. Thanks, Diane!

    As for my blog title, I edited the picture in Paint and added the words there. :)