Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Tiramisu

Continuing on another weekend baking madness, I woke up Sunday morning to make the last of 2 chiffon cake orders that's due that morning at church; rushed to church; thoroughly blessed by God; hang out with friends and played with Ethan for a bit; rushed to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for this cake that's due that afternoon. :)

There's something about this month - I seem to be on a mad baking rush every weekend. Not that I mind it at all. In fact, I'm really thrilled when I have a lot of opportunity to bake. It really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :p

Anyways, this cake is for Rachel's 17th birthday celebration. At first I didn't know what to make. Her mom simply said that anything is fine with her. Although I am very honored that she would trust me with such an important decision, I'm really confused on what to make. Many ideas, very little time. I basically have 2 and a half hour to finish this cake from start to finish. On my way to the grocery store, with the help of Alvin, I finally decided to make this tiramisu cake.

I haven't made tiramisu in a while and this cake is always a favorite for me. I did stop for a moment to consider the amount of rum that's in this cake, but then I thought - a little bit of rum makes everything taste better. :p As I was waiting for the cake to bake, I prepared the cream. As I was waiting for the cream to cool, I prepared the chocolate decorations. By the time I'm done with the chocolate, the cake has cooled and the cream has cooled. I assembled the cake quickly and then slid it in the fridge for a little cooling and mingling session. :p

I got so caught up in action that I made some cake pops in between those waiting time. :) I'll post them up soon. I have to say, making cake pops is truly addictive. In fact, I now have an urge to make some more. :p

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