Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cupcake Pops

Ever since I first visited Bakerella's blog, I've been dying to try making these cupcake pops. But for those of you who know me, I'm a little scared of trying new things. I think it's due to the fear of failure for the most part. But when my bff and "Mami" told me they're coming to town and needed some props for our fun engagement photo shoot, they had suggested that I made these. I thought for a while and finally decided that if I'm going to make these cupcake pops someday, this would be the perfect moment. :)

Well, let me back up on my story a little bit to give you all background of the story. My "Mami" is really En-En and she has so much talent in photography. During this year's Ramadan holiday, her and her partner in crime, Tata, came to visit the US once more. Now, back in 2002, En-En made a promise to visit me in Texas someday. So in staying true to her words, she decides to drop by Houston during her trip. Since the more the merrier, Tata and Nana (my bff) also came to join the fun. En-En and Tata had offered to take engagement (or pre-wedding) pictures for Alvin and I. :) Yay! And Nana had offered to be the styling director for this photo shoot. :) Double Yay!

Well, apparently you need props to make photo shoots more fun and memorable. Since I love to bake, they told me to make some pretty cakes as props for the photo shoot. Nana, being the creative person, suggested that I made these cupcake pops. :) So I braved myself to the challenge and dipped some cakes in chocolate. :p

We had so much fun during the photo session and I just can't wait to see the results. When the photos come, I'll be sure to update you all on them. :)

During the photo session... well, more like during the trip to Austin, where our photo session was going to be, 2 of the 4 cupcake pops that we brought as props committed suicide. -_-" Yes, they either exploded or fell down from the stick. We panicked but was thankful that we still had 2 that survived. However, as we hurried to unload stuff from the car to take the pictures, one of them was squished! LOL! We didn't know what to say but simply laughed our heads off. Don't worry, we still had one survivor for the shoot. :)

I want to shout out special thanks to En-En, Tata, and Nana... they're very dear to Alvin and I. We are very thankful to have such caring, funny, patient, and talented friends as you are. :)


  1. Very nice cake-pops!! Can't wait to see your pre-wed pics! :)

  2. Very cutez....pops... bytheway, when did you come to take potos? I would love to see it!!