Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orange n Cream Cupcakes

Another dessert that I made this weekend was for the Longhorn game against the Texas Tech. So in the spirit of UT, I made orange cupcake filled with pastry cream and frosted with orange Chantilly cream topped with orange jimmies. Yes, the cupcakes are bleeding orange! :) I'm sure all the longhorn fans will like this. :p

It had been one fun-filled weekend with Ci En-En, Nana, and Tata visiting Houston but as soon as I sent them off at the airport, my body started screaming out loud that it's exhausted. We had probably about 4-6 hours of sleep over the span of 3 days. But that night after they left, the UT game was going to play. I cannot miss it and Alvin, especially, cannot miss it. :) We had made arrangements to watch the game together with a few friends at Handy's house and I can't possible come with empty hands. So as soon as I got home from the airport, I made these quick cupcakes. As soon as I'm done with them, Alvin arrived to pick me up. Phew! What a hectic day!

But the business doesn't stop then...

The next day's chiffon cake orders have yet to be made. So when I get home after the game, I made one chiffon cake, slept, and dreamed about making the second one the next morning. :p

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