Monday, April 6, 2009

Tres Leches

I first heard of this cake during my lunch interview with KPMG back in April 2007 at Artista. Last weekend, when my friends from Calif came to town, we went to Artista again and we had some of their Tres Leches. It was amazing! I really liked it a lot. Also, the night before we went to Artista, we had chocolate tres leches at the chocolate bar (another one of my favorite dessert place in Houston) and it was so good! And so now, I am in the mood to make some tres leches myself. :)

Tres leches is really a Latin American cake (since I've never heard of it when I was still in Calif) and I really don't have much experience with Latin desserts at all. So after doing some research on the cake, I decided to try Alton Brown's recipe. It's really simple to make. Bake the base cake, make the three milk mixture, soak the cake, and decorate it with some sweetened whipped cream. I like simple cakes because I have a tendency to make cakes on the fly - and thus, I don't usually have time to make cakes with lots of components. (Note to self: please learn to start planning your cakes to achieve better results.)

After tasting the cake, I find that I really liked the texture of the cake but I find it a little too sweet. I'll definitely make this cake again, but I'll cut down on the sugar. :) It'll save me some calories, which is very important for me right now. :p


  1. Tres Leches is actually a Latin American/Mexican dessert....not southern

  2. Oops...

    Thanks for the info! I'll update my blog :)