Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First "Tiered" Cake

I had the opportunity to make a birthday cake for 6 people this past weekend. The event was hosted by my girlfriend who had just bought a beautiful house and decided to celebrate the birthdays along with her housewarming party. :)

I thought a lot about this cake and I had a very difficult time trying to decide on the kind of cake to make. I was initially planning to make a half sheet chocolate cake, but then realized that this was an opportunity to make a tiered cake (since there'll be lots of people available to eat the cake). This is my first time ever to make a tiered cake and I make lots of mistake on this one. >_<>
One thing I love about this cake, however, was the flowers. I made tons and tons of daisies for this cake. I wanted to make a spring cake that looks simple but also elegant. I don't know if I really achieve that look, but I'm very satisfied with the field of daisies that I made. :) Each one was made with love (and lots of patience).

Just in case you are curious, the top cake was a vanilla cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting while the bottom layer was a red velvet cake with vanilla bean frosting (recipe from Bobby Flay).

I will definitely give tiered cake another try when I have an opportunity for it. Next time, I'll make an 8" and a 6" cakes so that the tiers can be more obvious. :p

As a farewell note on this blog, I'd like to share this video with you guys:

I've been so blessed and encouraged and rebuked at the same time. Hope it brings hope to your lives too! :)


  1. I'm impressed by yossi's beautiful cakes & her talent :)

  2. Thanks all! It's such a hard labor to produce the cake, but it was also a lot of fun :)