Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blackberry Mousse Cake - 1st attempt

I really liked Cocola's Blackberry Mousse Cake in San Jose. :) It's so pretty and it tastes so yummy as well. And it so happens that this is Nana's favorite cake there too! Right, Na?

So when Irene and Bule came, I thought - let's make a blackberry mousse cake and bring it back to Nana! :) Yay!

Unfortunately - in my eagerness to make the perfect cake - I used way to much gelatin. The funny thing is that I realized it as soon as I poured all of it in the mousse base. *hiks...* This is what I get for not planning for the cake. I now believe that there are 2 very important factors that affect my baking result:

1. my mood while baking
2. the amount of planning I do for the cakes

I was in a good mood while making this cake (although slightly sleepy as well) but I didn't plan for it at all. I just happened at the spur of the moment. :p Oh well... One thing for sure, I learn something new from this experience.

I have to give credit to Bule for the cake decorations! :) It's all her! I almost gave up with the cake, but she saved it. :) The small details on the ribbons, the strawberry slices, and the chocolate twists - very complementary. :) Good job, Bule!

I also want to extend much much much thanks to Irene - who were so willing to carry the cake back to California. :)

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