Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tiramisu Chiffon

If I'm not mistaken, a while ago someone had asked if I've ever made a tiramisu chiffon. I had never done it before and it sounded like a good idea to put to practice. My first thought was to use tiramisu paste/extract to give the flavor, but it doesn't feel like I'm making a tiramisu chiffon at all. So I decided to try my own concoction. :p I thought about the components of tiramisu: strong coffee, mascarpone cream, and rum. So I took my mom's to-die-for chiffon recipe (in my humble opinion) and played around with it. Here's the result:

Some of the changes I made on the recipe:
- I used espresso instead of milk
- added 1 tbs of dark rum
- use diplomat cream to frost the cake (instead of buttercream)
- added some mini chocolate chips in the batter

I think overall the cake was okay. It tasted more like a mocha chiffon rather than tiramisu chiffon. Maybe it's the chocolate chips. Or maybe there's not enough rum. Or maybe, I need to use the tiramisu paste. I still haven't found the right combo for this yet. I'll continue on my search... and I'll keep you guys posted. :)

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