Sunday, September 7, 2008

Strawberry Napoleon

Alvin and I have always been a fan of Le Madeline's Strawberry Napoleon. When I was still living in San Jose, I would ask him to bring me a piece (sometimes more) when he came to visit. He had asked me a few times if I could try to make one and so I did.

This is really nothing like Le Madeline's but it's my first try at it. I used a store bought puff pastry to make the crust. I layered it with some creme legere (light cream) and fresh strawberries. I attempted to glaze the top but it didn't turn out as neat as I wanted it to be.

I brought this to a farewell potluck (this group of friends has been my faithful testers since I started baking) and they said that they liked it. Some of the feedback I got on this are that the crusts are too thick and that the sugar glaze is too sweet. I will definitely work on these the next time I make Strawberry Napoleon.


  1. yos, ni cess, lg di kelas nih bosen. gw iseng ke blog lu, gile bikin ngiler!

  2. yayy... gw terima kunjungan kehormatan dari cess :)