Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last Indonesian Cheesecake (for now)

This is it! No more Indonesian Cheesecake for me for now. And this last precious cheesecake is dedicated to Yuri & Ricky. :)

This cake uses Kraft cheese from Indonesia, which is a rare jewel here in Houston. Only 2 out of the many Asian grocery stores carry this brand. And they both ran out-of-stock. I have been cheese-hunting for the past month but to no avail. But I had 1 more packet at home and it was, in my opinion, the last Indonesian Kraft cheese in Houston.

This cake is always a favorite among my friends and yesterday was no different. I really enjoy watching them ate the cake while smiling and chatting. I somehow feel that I have contributed a little bit to their joy that night. :)

Anyways, happy birthday to Yuri and Ricky! Cheers!


  1. omgpda...YOSSSIIITAAA!!!!! =D drooooolllllll...
    and to your comment about "the last Indonesian Kraft cheese in Houston..." LOL =) you are so funny and so cute!!! and...CRAZY!!!! @_@

  2. It's true! It's true! It is the last one in Houston.

    But thanks to my mom who'll be bringing some fresh supplies from Indo for me. Yep, all 6 of them! Can you imagine... 6 Indonesian Kraft Cheese...

    I must be the luckiest girl in Houston!

  3. ci... mao dong recipenya... hehehehehhe...

  4. Rin.. kapan2 main ke Houston aja.. trus kita bisa bikin barengan :)

  5. Hi Yossi,
    Just found your blog when I was searching an Indonesian cheesecake recipe, you cake looks yummy.. can you share the recipe to me? email me at

    You are definitely a very talented person.. Thanks for sharing,

  6. Fivi,

    I've gotten several other requests for the recipe, so I'll be posting another blog entry with the recipe of the cake soon. :)

  7. Hello Yossie.... do you mind telling me which asian markets carry this Indonesian Kraft cheese in Houston? Thanks....