Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kiwi Strawberry Mousse Cake

Another Costco story. If you guys see a lot of blueberries, strawberries, or kiwi desserts... well, I bought a ton of them from Costco and I need to use them up. So here's the Kiwi Strawberry Mousse.

It's a rather simple cake that I'm experimenting with. I've always done my mousse using acetate tape and I had never encased my cake with mousse. So this time, I experimented with using a springform pan that is larger than my cake and then pouring over the mousse over the cake to fill the pan. Although the picture isn't very clear, the mousse itself is used to cover the cake.

For the mousse, I used the same proportion as I did here. I used 2 layers of sponge cakes for this. I put some kiwi fruits in my strawberry mousse part and I put some strawberries in the kiwi mousse part. I thought it makes the cake a little bit more fun. I used clear glaze on top of the cake, which is another thing I'm learning.

When I made this cake, I thought that this was going to be a failed product. I should've strained the kiwi seeds so that the mousse has a nice clean green color instead of this speckled one. I should've made the chocolate decoration before I glazed the cake. I should've use acetate tape around the cake to make it neater when I unmold it from the springform pan. So many negative thoughts came through my mind. But when Alvin, Ryan, and Mery tried the cake, they said that they liked it. It was light and refreshing, they said. On one hand, they may just be saying that to make me feel good, but since historically they have been open in giving me constructive feedback, I'm using benefit of the doubt to say that they were honest about my cake. :p
I think now I have the guts to share this cake to my friends. If you're in town and you want to try some of this cake, let me know! :)

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