Saturday, September 27, 2008

Light Chocolate Vanilla Cake

I found out about Reynold's birthday at 10pm on the day itself. I hurriedly left a birthday message for him on Facebook and then sat down and think about what cake should I bake for him. I don't have much time left as I have to work the next day but I want to make something nice too. I originally wanted to make the same chocolate cake as Dika's but then I'll be missing an opportunity to try something different.

I finally decided to make this cake. :)

I named this cake a "light chocolate vanilla cake" because it is indeed very light - not in terms of weight, but in terms of calories and fat. :)

The cake is made of 3 layers of vanilla sponge cake and chocolate diplomat creme. Instead of using buttercream, which contains LOTS of sugar and LOTS of butter, I used the diplomat creme itself to frost the cake. Diplomat cream, on the other hand, is based on pastry cream (vla). It's mostly milk, eggs, sugar, and whipped cream. The amount of sugar used is very little compared to buttercream and the amount of whipped cream used is also little because it is only used to lighten the pastry cream.

The cake design is really very simple but I have learned that sometimes less is more. :) On top of that, I don't want to make this cake too girly by putting roses on it.

This cake was also accompanied by stories about the mooncake legend courtesy of Reynold!

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