Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chocolate Cake

Thanks, Dika! It's really an honor to bake a cake for you.

I don't quite know how this cake taste but I hope that Dika and Marjie enjoyed the cake. I made the cake with 2 layers of chocolate sponge cake with a layer of diplomat cream and covered in chocolate glaze. I used whipped chocolate ganache and chocolate covered espresso beans as the decorations.

I encountered a lot of challenges while making this cake. First was the glaze. I intended to use chocolate ganache to cover the cake, but since I couldn't remember the recipe that I had used before, I used a new recipe from Dorie Greenspan. Bad idea! The ganache was really runny and I don't know how to use it. Lesson learnt for me though. I should really try the recipe before I use it to make a cake that someone ordered from me. Since the glaze won't set and the white cream is still showing through the ganache, I made a batch of chocolate glaze (which I used for my eclairs) and attempted to cover the cake once more.

The result: a lopsided cake. *sigh*

I just hope that despite the look, the cake taste okay.


  1. despite the unrounded circle hahaha.. we think it's very good yosi!

    eventhough ike tried to ruin the moment, we still able to save 1/2 of your cake. the other 1/4 from my fridge was thrown away, and the other 1/4...dah di perut seblum ike! xD huahaha..
    masih ada lhoo ampe skrg @kulkas dika :( ahh ike really ruined the moment.

  2. Thanks, Marjie!

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed the cake. :)