Monday, September 1, 2008

Fruit Cake

This was a VERY interesting day. I had spent the week in Alabama and was looking forward to coming home. I arrived in Houston on Friday noon and I merrily went to my car, which I had paarked at the airport. I soon found out that the car is totally dead! The remote won't work, the car won't start, even the light won't turn on. If you've been to Houston in Summer, you might just understand the increased frustration I felt as the heat climbed my back. To make matter worse, my phone battery was running dead too. I used the last few calls I can make to call Alvin to come over and help. Thank God for him that day.

I waited about 45 minutes for Alvin (thanks to Houston traffic), called my Allstate MotorClub (similar to AAA) for someone to come and jumpstart my car, and waited for another hour till the man came. I had told Alvin to go back to work and just leave his phone with me. When the car guy came, he brought this little battery charger to try to recharge my car's battery. It didn't work. I was getting more frustrated as he said "I don't know... I don't know what to do. I'm sorry." And then he left. Tired of all this car issue, I left my car and took a taxi home, which cost me a LOT of money (taxis in the US is super expensive).

Anyways, I got home at 3:30pm and this cake order is due that night. I know my friends wouldn't mind if I told them that I couldn't make it that night, but I really really wanted to bake (I've been bake-fasting in Alabama for a whole week!). So I rushed to make this cake.

The cake is made of 2 layers of vanilla sponge cake and 1 layer of chocolate sponge cake brushed with orange flavored simple syrup, filled with lots of fresh fruits (kiwi, strawberry, and peach), and covered in guava chantilly cream.

Another story related to the cake is that I have no strawberries to make the cake! I had no car and so I can't go to H-E-B to buy some. I finally asked Alvin to buy me some on his way home. For that, I had to stop my cake production until about 6:15pm when Alvin came. I had a dinner appointment at 7:30pm and so I only have very little time to decorate the cake. In a rushed moment, I had forgotten how to spell. >_<>

I'm very happy that the cake was done despite all the drama that happened that day. :)

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  1. :D huahahaha... that surely answered the missing "h" on the word birthday lol

    thank you Yossi!! kiss kiss! The cake was perfect! My mom, the bday lady, loved it so much. I love your picks of fresh fruits, and the not-too-heavy-creams on the outter part.