Monday, February 2, 2009

Marble Cake with Vanilla Frosting - Version 2

This is the second cake I made for Eva's coworker. I decided that if I should make a cake that fulfils the request (marble cake + vanilla frosting) but is in my style.

This cake uses the same marble cake as the first one but instead of simple vanilla buttercream, I used vanilla Chantilly cream and filled it with some bing cherries as well. :) Then I lined the cake with some pretty ladyfingers, and drizzle it with dark chocolate.

I really don't know which to give to Eva's coworker so I had made up my mind to let Eva make that decision. :) I brought both cakes to church and let Eva looked at both cakes and cast the vote. I think the final conclusion is that Eva liked this second cake better because it's more my style, but she thinks that the first cake is more suitable for a little girl's birthday. Her final vote was for the first cake. I haven't heard from her on her friend's comment on the cake yet, but I'll be sure to ask. :)

So... what did we do with this cake? Well... it turns out that it was Chien2's birthday today and so we used this cake (we took out the Nicole, of course) to celebrate Chien2's birthday. :) I guess it was all planned out by God that I had made 2 cakes. :p

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