Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baking for My Parents' 25th Anniversary

This Christmas was extra special because it's also my parents' 25th anniversary. We held a celebration of thanks at the villa and it was a beautiful day. :)

My mom has asked if I could make some desserts for that day and I was very honored to be given that opportunity. It was, however, much more work that what I had thought it would be. I planned to make 120 mini strawberry mousse cake and 120 petite tiramisu cups. My mom then added a request to make about 75 durian mousse in shot glasses. Of these 3, I only managed to take a picture of a plate of the strawberry mousse - and this was taken the day after the celebration.

We made most of the desserts the day before the anniversary and finished it all on the day of the anniversary. I was caught off guard by a lot of things on the big day of baking. Since I'm not baking in my own kitchen, everything was different. The oven in Indonesia is a gas oven, mine is an electric oven. This really affects the baking time for me. Also, my mom's mixer was a lot slower than the one I typically use. This really affects the preparation time for me. The humidity, the different ingredients, and even the different egg sizes really made the day interesting. But all that being said, it was such a fun experience.

The picture above is with my brother and I posing with the cake. Believe it or not, he helped out a lot in the making of the desserts. He was quite shocked by the amount of work that was put into making desserts. My sister was also a champion on that day. She helped out tremendously! She is officially a tiramisu expert now. :) I'm so proud of her!

After most of the guests left for the evening, the family then had some time to relax and take pictures! :) My little sister is making a heart shape with her fingers - she's so adorable! I can't believe she's 7 already!

The villa looks really nice at night. I can only share a picture with you, but you've got to see it yourself to really appreciate how pretty it is at night. :)
I didn't do that much baking in Indo. I did try some new recipes and learned to cook a few new dishes. Now that I'm back in Houston, I think I'll start my baking episodes again.

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