Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update on Anniversary Baking

Yay! Thank goodness there's another camera in action during all these baking time for my parents' anniversary. :) These pictures are taken fresh on the day itself! These are candid shots of the cakes and I hope you'll enjoy them!

This is me trying to carefully spoon equal amounts of strawberry jelly on top of each strawberry mousse.

These are the 2 main trays of strawberry mousse - there are 3 more plates of these!

Yep, the strawberry mousse in the making! I really took up a LOT of space in the fridge that day :p

These are tiramisu in progress. We're dusting them with cocoa powder... at the last minute!
There are no pictures of the durian mousse - but from what I heard (from durian fans), they're pretty good. :p

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