Friday, January 16, 2009

Chocolate & Green Tea Steamed Cupcakes (Bolu Kukus)

I don't like coming home to an empty house. It feels lonely for me. In order to make that somber feeling go away, I bake. This is the scenario for me last night. I had came home from work late (and will be until end of February) to an empty apartment. I don't like the silence; especially after going to a funeral last Saturday. So to fill my time, I made these steamed cupcakes. My mom taught me how to make these. :) I felt so much better after I baked! ^_^

I've always made these with pandan and rose extracts, but last night I felt like doing something a little different. I made these in green tea and chocolate flavor using matcha powder and cocoa powder. I think these give the cupcakes more flavor but it also weigh down on the batter. The result: although the cucpcakes blossom, they didn't open up as much. I think I'll stick to extracts in the future. :p

I brought a couple of these to work today and some of my coworkers tried them. Their comments are:

"this is interesting..."

"yossi, your cake always have interesting textures..."

"are you trying to choke me?!" --> upon finding out that the cake is steamed on a double broiler

I guess they're just not used to the idea or texture of a steamed cupcake. lol. :)


  1. yossi,minta resep bolu kukusnya dong?
    aku mau tanya,kalau mau beli cetakkan bolu kukus harus berapa biji?
    soalnya aku mau suruh tanteku bawain dari indo.thanks yah.

  2. Alow Mel,

    Here's the recipe for the bolu kukus

    4 egg yolk
    1 egg white
    300g all purpose flour
    250g granulated sugar
    200ml water

    Mix the eggs and sugar until it triples in volume. Fold in the flour and lastly the sugar :)

    Cetakan bolu kukus banyak diindo koq Mel, they usually jualnya per lusin :)