Saturday, January 17, 2009

Banana Bread

I'm on a baking frenzy these few days. I've been baking for about 3 days straight and I am very happy about this. I bought some bananas from Costco last week and the quantity from Costco is always more than what I need. As such, I have some very ripe bananas sitting on my counter top. I discussed with my coworkers as to what I should do with them. The choices that they came up with were: banana bread, banana pudding, or chocolate-banana bundt cake. Yes, they are quite the Southern people. :p

As you can see from the blog title, the winner is Mr. Banana Bread! I made the banana bread in an oval cake pan that I had bought in Indonesia and brought it here. It's typically used to bake cheesecakes, but I thought that oval banana bread would be pretty as well.

An added bonus for me for using the oval pan is that the banana bread will fit perfectly in this cute little box that Alvin's mom gave me. I just love the box! :)

My coworkers commented on the box - they said that the boxes always have some form of hearts on them. It's true! The square box for the cheesecake the I brought to the office has a heart-shaped window. This one has 3 little hearts printed on the sides. :)

As the Chinese saying goes: the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


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