Thursday, November 13, 2008

French Macarons

Another one to cross off from the to-do list: French Macarons. I've been wanting to make this ever since I saw them on Tartlette's and Madbaker's blog. They just looked so cute, especially with the little "feet." Apparently the success of macarons depends on whether or not they have "feet," because macarons without feet is really not macarons at all!

One of the few reasons I've been postponing my macarons adventures were that almond flour is expensive and that the batter is fragile. I've read many articles and blogs about macarons and it seemed like the success of macarons is not always guaranteed. According to Tartlette, just one too many folds of the batter can cause the end of the batter.

Look, my macarons have little feet! I was so excited when I opened the oven and saw that my macarons actually have feet and they looked pretty (at least the first batch was pretty). I made the strawberry and the green tea ones first. My blackberry ones can't fit on my cookie sheets and so had to wait for a while. I don't know if it's the waiting or the over-folding, but 90% of my blackberry ones have cracked tops. I ended up throwing them away cause I can't use them. :(

Alvin is my witness that stacking up macarons is not an easy task. I've always seen pictures of them stacked together and I thought that it would be easy to do so. Apparently, not all of my macarons have flat tops. Some of them have a little bit of a dome and thus the uneven surface for stacking. When I finally managed to stack them up, I had to be real still so that they don't fall. I liked how the picture turned out though. Again, it's not the most artistic one, but it's my best for now.

The above picture shows the survivors of the blackberry macarons. Yes, of all the blackberry ones I made, only 3 pairs managed to come out of the oven with no cracks. I was a little sad when I opened the oven and saw that all of them were cracking up (literally). My coworker liked this one best. :)
I'm always very happy when others enjoy my desserts. It makes all the time and effort I put in worthwhile. :)


  1. They turned out great! Love the stacking despite the difficulty it is to do so!!

  2. Tartelette,

    It's such an honor to have a visit from you. I really admire all of your bakings and photographs. I am also very thankful for the macaron tips from your blog. :)