Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blueberry Cupcakes

Just before I left for one and a half week, I had to bake something. I don't quite know what I wanted to bake, but I've been crazy about cupcakes lately so I thought I'll experiment with it. I'm trying out new recipes to find the best cupcake recipe. The cupcake that I like is the cake-y one, more on the light side - maybe a little fluffy too. :) Anyways, I think I baked these for a minute too long. The top of the cupcakes were a little dry. I'll reduce the bake time next time. :)

Since I was going away, I donated these to Suhi & Suha Thanksgiving Potluck. :)

There's another story behind these blueberry cupcakes. I had frosted the cake in the morning, after putting the frosting in the fridge overnight. Despite all those cooling, the buttercream started to melt as I made the swirls. The apartment was too hot for the buttercream. We had turned the heater up to 80F at the apartment. This resulted in some ugly swirls. :p Anyways, I got a feedback that it was "bherry... bherry" good. Yay!

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