Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Bake Off!

I've reached the age of 26 this year and I'm happy to say that this is also my first birthday as a wife. :) Not only did I get the awesome gift of a new household, I got some other SUPER AWESOMe gifts from my family: Fizzler's Magimix Food Processor and Bosch's Mixer (the mixer I told you about here). Thank you sooooooo much to my family! You guys are the best!

God has truly been good in my life. He's provided all my needs and given me such loving husband, family, and friends in life. What better way to celebrate than bake? <3

My dad's so gracious to have given me the day off to indulge in baking. :)

In the dessert menu:

- fondant covered chocolate cupcakes
- eclairs
- banana cupcakes
- tiramisu

All of my favorite items are in :)

Itadakimasssss :)


  1. asikkkkkkk you are back to bakinggg... that means i can read your blogs more often now :)

  2. Thanks a bunch yah nana n vickoooo <3