Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to Bread

You probably think that I've posted enough breads already and you're probably bored of all these postings of the same things over and over again. But I just have to share this one with you. :)

It was one of those weekends that we spent at my parent's villa in Puncak (puncak = mountains). My family often goes there to relax and escape the madness of Jakarta. However, this specific weekend was a bit more special than usual. Filemon's youth group were having their annual retreat at the villa. There were 60+ youth members that attended and they're hungry all the time. :p So as soon as I arrived in Puncak, I was asked to bake some snacks for them - more specifically, I was asked to bake some breads for them. Awesome!!!

I made about 70 breads that day with my mom's bosch mixer (which is waaayyy more awesome than my KA when it comes to kneading bread dough). Mom's bosch can take about 1 kg of flour when my KA can only take about 250g of flour at one go. It's amazing! I used the same recipe as before but the breads were much better than any I've ever made at home - maybe it's my happy mood, maybe it's bosch, or maybe it's puncak - I haven't been able to decide which. :p
I made these with all my heart and I hope that all those 60+ youth also ate it with their hearts :p It is such a joy to be able to make breads that peeps enjoyed. It's such an experience for me to make so many breads at one time. It's.... *speechless*


  1. can you post the bosch mixer that your mom have ^_^ been looking for a good bread mixer and Kitchen aid definitely not able to handle to much dough at once

  2. Nana: want some? come hereeee...
    Anon: i don't have a pic of the mixer since it's in her vacation house.. but i think all bosch mixer works great for breads :)

  3. Hi Yossi,
    I just stumbled upon yr blog, and loving it.. If only u could post some recipes in your posts.
    BTW, yr review above, made me regret buying my KA mixer.. :D
    salam kenal...