Sunday, August 2, 2009



It's been such a long month of July. I spent 3 weeks in Indonesia taking care of wedding stuff and since I came back to the States, I've been spending my weekdays in Galveston at the client's site. And so I wasn't able to cook or bake anything during the weekdays. I tried to make the best out of my weekends, though. :)

To start me back on my baking momentum, I tried something simple: snickerdoodles. :)

The recipe for these snickerdoodles is courtesy of Joy of Baking. Stephanie Jaworski has some really awesome recipes on cakes, cookies, bars & squares, biscotties, and so many other goodies. The beginning of my baking frenzy started with her Raspberry Sponge Cake. I highly recommend her site to everyone. :)

Anyways, on to the snickerdoodles...

I really like how my cookies turned out. I made half a recipe and I got about 24 snickerdoodles. I kind of overbaked my first batch that went in the oven and it made the cake crispy instead of chewy. I baked my first batch for 8 minutes, according to the recipe, but I didn't really like how it turned out. So for the next batches, I reduced my baking time to 7 minutes and lowered the oven temperature to 375F instead of 400F. With these modifications, my snickerdoodles were just right! A little crunchy on the sides but soft and chewy on the middle. I'm now a firm believer in underbaking cookies. :p

On a side note, my trip to Indonesia was really fun even though I had a mile-long list of to-do's for the wedding preparation. I never thought that it's so much work. Thanks to my awesome mom and encouraging friends, I managed to tackle the list one item at a time. :) I'll tell more stories about the trip in my next posts.

I also still remember that I owe a couple of people recipes: the chewy chocolate chip cookies and the very strawberry cake. I promise I'll get to it. Sorry for the delay.

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