Friday, June 26, 2009

Mini Mango No-Bake Cheesecake

I had a really fun experience last night with cheesecake. Well, the experience actually started the day before yesterday but the time of event depends on the grand finale, in my opinion. :p

Carrie and Jim are getting married soon and they had asked me if it would be possible to have mini cheesecakes for after dinner dessert on the wedding day. I had never made mini cheesecakes before and so before I said yes to the major task, I had asked them to come for a taste test. :) They wanted about four different flavors of cheesecakes, bite size. I had a lot of thoughts about these and asked many people's opinions on the different flavors. I finally settled on mango, white chocolate blackberry, dark chocolate, and plain vanilla.

I started the process on Wednesday and finished everything on Thursday night. I really had lots of fun with the baking process. I managed to decorate each cheesecake pieces to the best of my abilities and then forgot to take pictures of them all! >_< And I realized this after I had given all the left-over cheesecakes away to everyone.

Thankfully there are some faithful mango cheesecakes left. So Alvin and I were able to take some pictures to share. :)

Again, we were playing around with our Canon. We still have some difficulties with focus and lighting, but I believe that we will learn with time. :)


  1. belinya canon sih yos. =p hehehe..
    a few tips. don't use program..use aperture mode.. if you're already comfortable with the shutter speed, ISO and aperture, get a flash and start using manual mode..that way, you'll learn faster dear.. and your colors are kinda off from the original.. it's a little too reddish..trying playing it around with the white balance.. or use the kelvin setting for the white balance..
    just email me if you have other questions..can't promise i can answer them coz i'm still learning too =p

  2. wuah cii... it seems like you're talking a totally different language heheh :) I'll definitely try using the aperture mode for now :)

    watch out for my emails yah! :) thanks a lot ci ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  3. I just got a Canon too - and I'm muddling through the learning process slowly! :)