Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kue Lumpur

Lately I've been in the mood of Indonesian dessert. Perhaps it's because my mom had been making me some yummy Ronde and Martabak Manis. I really miss those yummy after dinner snacks that reminded me of home. Or maybe it's because I had just gotten a birthday present from Tante Helen - a cast iron pan with 7 mini round molds! Thanks, Tante Helen! :) So I browsed through one of my favorite website for Indonesian food, Resep Nugraha, and found this recipe for kue lumpur.

I had never actually tasted a kue lumpur before, so I don't really know if what I made is what it should be. :p But when I brought it to my girls' bible study, they all liked it.

I also found, in my research of recipes for kue lumpur, that there are several different ways of making it. Some recipes require the use of potatoes, and some use fermented cassava, and others use only coconut milk. This one that I made only uses coconut milk for the batter. It's really simple to make and it taste good. :)

Oh! I forgot to share this with you guys... for my dad's 50th birthday, he received 2 nice DSLRs from his friends - a Nikkon D90 and a Canon 450. So in his awesome kindness, we were given the Canon one to play with. :) Alvin and I really enjoyed our new toy! Thanks, Dad!

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