Sunday, May 10, 2009

Triple Dessert Day

This weekend was wonderful! All of it was wonderful! :) Here are some glimpses of joy I experienced:

1. I had the chance to bake a lot for my friend's dad's retirement party

2. The weather was just gorgeous - sunny and clear skies

3. Alvin took me on a nice date in Kemah

4. Alvin proposed in Moody Gardens - the place where "us" began

What more could I ask for, right? :) I am truly blessed.

I do want to share with you in greater detail the bake-off I had this weekend. :) Laura's dad is retiring and they wanted mini desserts for the retirement party. We had quite a few discussions about which desserts to make for the event. We finally settled for petite tiramisu cups, mini neapolitan cupcakes, and cream puffs. She told me that she wants about a couple dozen of each and I am truly excited. :) I mean, when else am I going to have the chance to make so many mini desserts?

The picture above is the tiramisu cups. I made the tiramisu with sponge cakes instead of lady fingers and I baked them on mini cupcake tins. The size fits perfectly on the glasses. :) I topped each cup with cocoa powder and some dark chocolate curls. Alvin tried the tiramisu and said that the rum was very strong. *_* I hope that it's okay for Laura's party. I think next time I will cut down on the rum a little.

This is the mini neapolitan cupcakes I made for the event. I used the same recipe as I did here, but I made the mini version this time. I think that mini cupcakes is the best service portion for a cupcake - not too much, but just enough to enjoy the taste. :) It was challenging for me to pipe 3 different batter on such a small mold though because you can only put a little bit of each batter so that the cupcake won't spill out when baked. Of the 36 mini cupcakes I made, only 24 came out decent looking (i.e. without a shitake mushroom top). So I ended up giving Laura only 24 of the 36. What did I do with the other dozen? I brought it to work. :p

And these are my cream puffs. For Laura, I modified my cream puff a little bit. I typically use egg-yolk only wash, which gives a deep brown look to the choux, but this time I used whole-egg wash with a little bit of milk, which gives a lighter golden look. :) I think I like this shade a lot better. Also, for the filling, instead of using the Indonesian-style custard or Western style Chantilly cream, I used diplomat cream. Diplomat cream is just custard lighted with whipped cream. I brought some over to my friend's house on Friday night and they liked it a lot. :)

So, overall, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome of my weekend bake off. All that hours were worth it! :)

Result: 24 mini neapolitan cupcakes, 30 petite tiramisu cups, and 40 cream puffs. :)


  1. Alvin is so lucky to have you! :P
    Congrats again! XOXO

  2. Wah..... Congratulation Yossi!!!!! We are so excited and very very happy for you both.

  3. Thank you Ci Kiki & VIcky :)
    We're both very happy too.

    We would love for both of you to come to our wedding in March next year.

  4. shouldnt u share more about the proposal!? haha

    congratulations my darling!!!

  5. Hi Yossi, this is my first time to visit your blog. Very impressive! Just like you, I love to bake, but your baked goods are... Oh goodness-they all look so good! Anyhow, if you'd like to, maybe we can email? I have questions on baking, as usual. Also, congratulations on the proposal :)
    -Lina in New York

  6. Thanks, Leng! I really enjoyed the proposal too :p I'll share the story with you some time :)

    Lina, I'm more than happy to share ideas on baking over email. Just send me an email at :)

  7. Share your proposal story to me, Yosss! and Please share your nyamnyam cakes too :) Me and Fidel are coming to Houston "SOON" hugs for you, Yossi! I am happy for both of you.


  8. Yosiitaa! Congrats on your engagement :) yummy food as always :)

  9. I thought it was an excellent blog, that information has been very helpful in my life, I am a desserts lover, so I really enjoyed this reading, this weekend I want to do one! Thanks for this great moment!

  10. which receipe did you use for tiramisu? could oyu share yours? thank you!

  11. Lolypop: I used the recipe from :) That website has really awesome baking recipes!

  12. Yummy desserts! Are these recipes the ones that you made on your dad's retirement party? Awesome! My friend's mom will celebrate her retirement party soon and we would like to surprise her with some homemade cakes that day. Would you like to share some of your recipes? Thanks!

  13. Hi Alice,

    I posted my recipes here and there in this blog. If there's any that you'd like but can't find it here, just let me know. There are some cakes/desserts that I don't have a recipe for because I just fix it on the spot... but for the most part, they'll be in the blog. :)

    Happy baking!