Monday, October 13, 2008

Lidah Kucing (a.k.a. Cat's Tongue)

As promised, I tried making my mom's Lidah Kucing on my own. Since this is a family recipe, I can't post the recipe here. But if you're in town and you're craving some, just let me know! :)

This cookie is a favorite in my family. Whenever my mom bakes a batch, it'll be gone in no time! I learnt to be quick to snatch some before my bro and sis ate it all. :) The same thing happened when she baked a batch here. My sis ate almost half of it herself! My little sis also ate quite a few :p As for me, of course I helped myself to some as well!

I brought this to Nicky's bday party and I think the crowd likes it too! I came home with an empty container. :)

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