Sunday, October 19, 2008

Green Tea Cream Cake II

It's been a while since I bakes a "new" cake. Even this is really not a new cake but I thought it would be different enough to post. :)

I've been putting pictures of my cake in facebook and since then, people have been asking me about my cakes. Some even ordered cake from me. For all of you, I really thank you for your support and feedback.

This one is a surprising order because I don't really know the person personally (i mean, we're not very close) but somehow through his wife's fb account, he messaged me. The cake is also for no special occasion. :) It's definitely a blessing from God. The last time I made a green tea cream cake, I got the feedback that the cake was a little too dense. So, on this one, a new and improved (hopefully) version of the cake that's lighter. I also played around with tinting white chocolate (to green in this occasion).

I don't think I'll be able to taste this cake, but I'll definitely ask for feedback from them. :) I'll update the blog when I get the answer.


  1. huuuummmm looks good Yossi!!
    klo gua ama Fidel ke sana, kita buat 1 yaa :)


  2. Thanks, Karen!
    Beneran deh... kalo dateng kita bake barengannn hehehe