Monday, March 23, 2009

Blackberry and Strawberry Napoleons

It may be too soon to post an entry on the same kind of dessert within a week, but I'm crazy about Napoleons right now. They're so simple to make (thanks to Peppridge Farm) and so yummy! You almost can't go wrong with these. :)

As mentioned in the previous post, I made the Strawberry Napoleon for Sylvia last time and while making it, I had cream to spare for 2 and a half Napoleons. I gave two of them to Sylvia and left the half at home for my roomies and Alvin to try. It turns out that Mery (my roomie) likes it so much that she wants more. :p Of course, I had to make some more. :)

Now. I've only seen regular Napoleons and Strawberry Napoleons in La Madeline and the other dessert places that I've been too. But blackberries are in season right now AND they are 5 for $5 at H-E-B. It's a MUST BUY for me when those berries are on sale. :) I ended up with 3 boxes of blackberries and I had absolutely no idea what to use them for. So I thought, why not use them for Napoleons? So I did - but I haven't tried it and so I don't know if they'll be a good combo. :p But, they sure look cute. :)

I don't know how fast/slow these will be consumed at home but if there's still some in the fridge and you're interested to give these a taste, let me know. :)

Also, I was listening to KSBJ on the way back from work yesterday and the lady was talking about how people nowadays have the wrong image of God and men. She pointed out that we need to look into God's words to find the right image of God and the right image of ourselves. She also mentioned about a verse in the book of Peter (I forgot which chapter or verse) that said:

"Jesus was rejected by men but chosen by God and therefore precious."

Her words really hit me that night (and I still feel the impact right now). I realized that my self worth doesn't depend on how others view me; it depends on how God views me. I may be rejected by men, but I am loved by God and therefore I am precious - not because I'm worthy of His love, but because while I'm still a wretched person, He first loved me.

I just thought to share this thought with you and maybe, just a little bit of maybe, it will encourage somebody else.


  1. I love Strawberry Napoleon!! but all the recipes i've found for the cream in the middle are lame! and never satisfies... if you don't mind sharing the recipe you use could you send it to me @ please and thanks so much! have a great holiday season.. great blog btw. happy thanksgiving.. Wendi-Rae from NM

  2. I was just looking up napoleons online and came across your blog, how amazing to find words of encouragement just when I needed them. Thank-you. Your "just a little bit of maybe" was quite apropos!