Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

My life at work is now slowing down. No more tight deadlines and no more late nights in the office working. It's really nice to relax after 2 full months of straight work. :) I must say though that somehow things always come up to fill up my days - and I am thankful for these as I would've been bored with nothing to do. :p

I made these for fun last night, realizing that I had leftover IMBC from my cakes last week and I'd rather put it to good use than waste it away in the fridge until it turns bad. I also spent some time last night practicing to make buttercream roses (thanks to Shiendry who taught me how to make the roses - I need plenty of practice though >_<). It's really fun playing around with buttercream and being amazed at how stiff my hands are at making roses. :p

I used Tartelette's recipe for these cupcakes and they are yummy! I really liked her recipes and the beautiful pictures she posted on her blog. I really think that these are worth to try at home. The recipe is simple and it makes a LOT of mini cupcakes in one go. :)

I also had some chocolate IMBC leftover and I used them to frost some of the cupcakes as well. I brought the chocolate ones to work today and I think my coworkers liked it. :) It's always a nice feeling when other enjoyed something that I baked.

Also, I've been asked by several people for the recipe of the chiffon cake and the very strawberry cake. I'll be posting those real soon - I don't have them together in one file and so I'll have to compile them before sharing it with all of you. Sorry for the delay.

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