Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sexy Lingerie Cake

If it weren't for my sister, I wouldn't have made this cake. She was the one who pushed for me to take this cake order. Otherwise, I would never had made a sculpted cake. Thanks, De! :)

I also need to thank my friend Kim who was the first person to tell me to make erotic cakes. :p Although this cake is mild, it's the start of an idea that Kim had told me. Thanks, Kim! :)

Even though I really enjoy baking and making creations in my kitchen, I don't really have the creativity to decorate my cakes. But with the help of Alvin, I managed to pull this one through. Thanks, babe! :)

This cake has a story of its own too. My sister told me that her friend's getting married and they're throwing a bachelorette party for her. They wanted to have a lingerie cake for the event and so I made this cake. However, I made a white velvet cake with vanilla buttercream - not knowing that the bride-to-be is more of a chocolate person.

Once again, because I don't really have confidence in the cake I had made complementary banana cupcakes to accompany the cake. I covered it with fondant and decorated it with hearts. :) After all the cake and banana cupcakes were ready to go, I called my sister to pick them up.

My sister then asked, "Ci, these are chocolate cakes right?"

I said, "No... the cake is vanilla and the cupcakes are bananas"

She said, "Err... but my friend likes chocolate cake"

And there I am without anything chocolatey for the bride-to-be. So I rushed to make these chocolate cupcakes to further complement the cake and the banana cupcakes. LOL

Although I had to work a LOT for this cake, I was glad that the cake actually looked like a lingerie and both cupcakes were well-received. :)


  1. cuuuute!
    Haha, lack of creativity, is that why you were doing accounting? Your stuff always looks great, anyway!

  2. I like reading your blog, this post in particular... haha...

  3. Hi great blog! I've just moved to Jakarta and was wondering if you could tell me where you can buy ready made fondant? I want to bake my son's birthday cake. Thanks!