Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cupcakes for Kebon Klapa's Ground Breaking

In conjunction with the ground breaking ceremony of the upcoming Kebon Klapa Restaurant at Jl Panjang, I made a few mini cupcakes as souvenirs for the guests who came. The restaurant is going to be a comfy garden restaurant that has both indoor and outdoor seating. The plan is for the restaurant to open for breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner with different types of food depending on the time of day.

The main attraction for the restaurant will be its massive garden with beautiful landscape, live music, and of course, AMAZING food. The food theme for the day will be Indonesian food and seafood for the night. They had a food testing session the other day and the Rojak Fish is to die for!! The black pepper crab and the oatmeal tiger prawns are just as amazing! Their homemade tofu is so smooth and silky. *Sllrrppp...*

I am really excited about this restaurant and I will definitely give another update for this restaurant's opening.

I made yellow butter cupcakes for these with vanilla IMBC. Thankfully the cupcakes were able to withstand Jakarta's heat and still taste yummy. Since the restaurant's show stoppers are mostly seafood, I had an Under the Sea theme for the cupcakes. There is, however, one off theme cupcake: the fried chicken cupcake! I added it just because I think it looks cute. :p

So if you are in Jakarta and you feel like ordering some cupcakes, give me a call! :p Or leave a comment...



  1. Hi Yossi! Hope you're doing well. I didn't know that you were living in Jakarta. Someone heard that I was going there soon for work and forwarded me your blog link. I will be there for 2 weeks starting this Saturday. Would love some tips on where to eat, what to see etc. Feel free to email me at Hope to hear from you!

  2. Yossi.. bring me to the restaurant k!! ;P

  3. Wow! All the things you cook look just amazing! I think I'll try out your Vanilla Cream Mousseline Cake with Fresh Strawberries! Looks so yummy! (:

  4. @Vicky - You bet I'll take you there :)

    @Lipstick on the Mug - Thanks! I hope you like the cakes :)