Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing Two Bites

October is nearing to an end and if you look at the number of blog posts I have this month, it looked like I haven't been baking much at all. Although it is true that I've been trying to cut back on the amount of time I spent baking, I still baked a fair share of cakes and cookies. But since they're simple cakes (like Chiffon or pound cake or black forest cake) that I've blogged about before, I decided to keep them to myself. :p

During the low period in October, several major events happened to the baking aspect of my life. First is the wedding favors that I made for our Pastor's 25th wedding anniversary:

I made about 200 of these cupcake pops as their edible wedding favors. :) This was a very interesting task for me because of many reasons: (a) we're talking about quite a large quantity, (b) it's for my pastor's 25th anniversary, and (c) it's my first "experience" of what it would be to open up my own place.

I started preparing for the cupcakes pops one week before the anniversary. My work had been demanding a lot of my time then (and now still) and so I had no choice but to bake late at night and pull 2:30AM nights in order to finish the order. The strange thing is that I didn't feel tired a all baking the cakes, making the frosting, crumbling the cake, rolling them into cake balls, shaping them into cupcakes, dipping them into chocolates and wrapping them up in their plastics. :) In fact, I felt very energized. It felt like my endorphin levels are high! By the time I wrapped the last of the cupcake pops (with the help of Alvin), I felt very accomplished. :)

Alvin and I couldn't make it to the party since we had to fly to San Jose for our bridal shower; so I didn't get a chance to gauge people's reaction to the mini delight. I just hope that my little pops were well received and well loved. :p

The second big thing that happened this month is two bites.

For now, two bites is an idea, a concept, and a dream.

The idea is mini bite-size desserts that are irresistible.

The concept is two fold: is a small cozy shop that serves mini desserts that are to be enjoyed with a good cup of tea and an ounce of conversations as well as catering for edible favors for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

The dream is for me to bring the idea and concept together as a reality in my life. :)

I need to be praying about this more seriously. I need to be planning about this more realistically. I need to be practicing more often.

If you have any comments/suggestions/ideas about this, please let me know. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Yos!

    Congrats for the birth of the idea....
    I'm sure it'll beat Jungle Cafe ;).
    Btw, thanks for the beautiful cakes yesterday. They seemed delicious.

  2. hey i stumbled upon ur blog by chance. so u'll be coming over to singapore? i am living in singapore and would love to order everything that u've made!!! everything seemed so delicious *_* Do update your blog if u open up a shop in singapore, i'll surely help you spread the word around! God Bless, and may He continue to guide you in everything that you do.

  3. Yos :) will be praying for u too! Love all the cakes you make :) i think you can sell heaps! :) and small cakes are IN! (look at cupcakes!) :)

    If you gonna sell it in indo, you have to make a good concept as a base (like what's yosi cake trademark..) like choose few your special cake and sell that first :) pas laku, baru keluar2 in satu2 lagi... jadi sale nya jalan terus :) ngantri yos! :) well itu cuma gw punya pikiran sich :) hehehe

    well i have so much faith in u! All the best!
    ntar kalo dah buka bilang ya, i'll visit for sure :)

    your sd friend,
    Cindy :)

  4. Sue: I don't think I'll be moving to spore... but i really appreciate all your support :)

    Cindy: thank you banget cinnn heheheh where are u now? kapan nih kt bs ketemu lagi yahhh??