Friday, June 22, 2012

Chocolate Cupcake with Salted Butter Caramel Frosting

I haven't been able to sleep lately and this is very surprising for me (or anyone who knows me - because I sleep anywhere anytime). Although I feel tired in the morning as a result, I've been quite productive during those late sleepless nights. One of those result is this chocolate cupcake with salted butter caramel. It's a combination of 2 recipes from Sprinkle Bakes' blog - which is full of amazing recipes and inspirations.

I used her moist chocolate cupcake recipes (here), in which she promises that the results will be pretty rounded tops and super moist crumbs, and her salted butter caramel buttercream recipe (here).

True enough, the recipes yielded these moist chocolate cupcakes with perfectly rounded tops! :) I was so happy with the results. The frosting however, was too sweet for my preference. I think the next time I make a caramel frosting I would use an IMBC base instead of a traditional american buttercream.

Anyhow... it's now time for me to drink my tea and eat another one of these yummy cupcake :)


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